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Welcome to 365 Days of Living Green! My goal is to reduce my Carbon Footprint a little each day during 2012.

I like to think I’m pretty environmentally friendly already, I do the usual, easy things like: recycling, using re-usable bags, I have changed over all of my light bulbs to CFL’s, all of my Christmas light’s are LED’s, I try buy products that are organic and will not harm the environment and I have anything that can be turned off on power bars that are switched off when not in use. I know I have a long way to go still, and that’s what this year is going to be about.

My biggest challenge is going to be how I make my business more earth friendly and still compete. Being a Real Estate Agent means I use a lot of paper in my marketing efforts and I am constantly driving. This business sure isn’t know for it’s views on saving the environment, so it will be interesting to see how the market responds to my efforts.

I guess the easiest thing to do would be to get a hybrid vehicle, but that isn’t feasible at this time, so perhaps that could be one of my goals for this year. Or at least a more fuel efficient car than I am driving right now.

I think the one thing that will make the biggest change for me this year will be to ask myself this question every time I want to do something or buy something throughout the year – the question is:  ” can I do this in a more environmentally friendly way?”

Stay tuned and hopefully I will come up with some idea’s that you will consider doing as well, together we can all help heal this planet.



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    Cindy McDonald said,

    Great job!! Love it Sandy – way to go. Do you get David Suzuki’s emails? I get all of his and they are SO inspirational. They also inspire new ideas and spreading the word on important issues. Did you know that Canada dropped out of the Kyoto accord??? Big disappointment but if I can find it I will send you the email on that. Love the tea thing and I will have to check my light bulbs. Sign me up as a fan!!


    • 2

      Thanks Cindy, I do get David Suzuki’s emails, and I love them as well. and yes I did know Canada dropped out of Kyoto and it really is a big disappointment. You know, we really can do so much more as a country, and it is really sad that the incentive won’t be there until it is either forced or comes down to the crunch. It’s all about dollars and cents right now, and companies won’t change until they have to.

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