New Lightbulbs


They look the same as the othersWe changed some of the lightbulbs yesterday, this one here is an LED indoor floodlight for potlights, they look the same as the old halogen bulbs but the difference is in the Watts. We changed 4 of the existing lights which were 50 watt’s each  and as you can see by the packaging below these are 4 watts each, that’s huge. We went from 200 watts for the 4 lights to 16 watts!

The colour is the same as well, a friend mentioned this morning that she switched some of her regular bulbs to CFL’s but she doesn’t like the colour it gives off. These say ‘soft white’ and I didn’t notice a difference with the lights on last night.

LED’s are different from CFL’s (compact flourescent lights) in a number of ways, and also a better option I believe, however, they are more expensive. My plan is to monitor how long they last, the packaging says they last 22.8 years but I heard this morning that a friend switched hers and they only lasted 3 months. I didn’t ask if she switched to CFL’s or LED’s but I will check with her about that. The cost dictates that they need to last a long time.

The packaging says the benefits of LED technology include:

  • energy-saving and long life
  • dimmable
  • instant-on light
  • mercury and lead free construction
  • emits virtually no heat and will not fade fabrics or furnishings

The fact they allow for instant-on light is a real benefit. I know some people won’t switch bulbs because they don’t like the fact that the lights take too long to come on, let’s face it, 4 watts vs 35 wattswho hasn’t flicked on a light switch and then flicked it off because they think the bulb is burned out. So now you stand there flicking the switch off an on only to realize that the bulb works it just takes a few seconds to come on. They can also take a few minutes to become bright as well, if you are in a hurry it can be inconvenient if you have to wait for the light to brighten.

LED’s have no mercury or lead. A lot of people don’t know that CFL’s have mercury or lead in them, you can’t throw them in the garbage, they have to be recycled properly and they don’t go in the recycle box, you have to take them somewhere that recycles them. Thankfully, there are a lot of places that have the collection boxes. Ikea is one of  them, Staples has them, as do a number of other stores. Make sure if you break a CFL, you clean it up carefully, they do have mercury in them.

Changing your light bulbs is probably one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to reduce your energy consumption. Check out the new LED’s and consider switching over to this technology.


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    Lisa said,

    It was an LED pot light that only lasted a few months. Maybe it was faulty. I only bought one to try it out. Keep your receipts if there is a warranty on them.

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