Did They Really Throw the Recycle in With the Trash?

Yesterday I was at Player’s Paradise in Stoney Creek, their website describes it as “Ontario’s Premier Indoor Sports Facility”.  They go on to say that they have the highest ceiling clearance at 52″ .

It really is a nice building and by the looks of it, it is relatively new. Its a shame they didn’t think to incorporate some environmentally friendly initiatives into that fantastic building. That is disappointing, but what is also disappointing is that as the building was being cleaned during our last game one maintenance worker told the other one, “you need to empty the garbage and the recycle bin – you can just put everything together”.  What??

Now,  If I were sitting by myself, I may have thought I didn’t hear him clearly, but I was beside another soccer mom, we both turned and looked at each other with disbelief, so obviously I heard him correctly.

Why didn’t I say something? It’s been bothering me all day.  I had left my house at 7:15 am, arrived there at 8 am, and had been there all day, it was now after 8 pm. The girls were almost finished their 5th game of the day, it was the finals,  the score was tied and the game was almost over. No excuse, I should have called him on it, but I didn’t. I guess that is part of this whole 365 Days of Living Green journey. By the end of this year I want to be more environmentally friendly than I was at the beginning, so if something like this happens again, it should be automatic that I would speak up about it.

I have every intention of sending them an email to question what I heard, but I think I lost an opportunity and I’m a bit disappointed in myself.

On a positive note, I brought my travel mug and most of our lunch and snacks so we created very little garbage during the day.  Baby steps I guess.

And just in case you’re wondering, the girls won the tournament on penalty kicks.


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