Player’s Paradise Update – Good News

I posted earlier this week about Player’s Paradise in Stoney Creek and the conversation I overheard about the recycle material being thrown in with the garbage.

I emailed the facility to ask about their recycling policy and  was a little surprised to receive a response back at about 10:45  p.m  on Sunday night!

Tasha at the facility assured me that they take their recycling seriously, in fact, it is more cost-effective for them to recycle than it is for them to produce waste.

She also pointed out some of the environmentally friendly features of the facility, which I would have found myself had I searched their website a little longer. I looked at the site before my previous post but failed to find these great features:
The large insulated windows on the North, East and South side of the building allow copious amounts of daylight into the facility giving you as much natural light to play under as possible. This not only saves energy by reducing the need to have the lights on, but gives you a greater feeling of being outside.

A 10,000 gallon tank has been buried under the parking lot with a collection system in place to gather rain water and recycle it throughout the facilities toilets.

The rubber infill turf system is actually constructed from recycled tires that have been broken down, cryogenically frozen, and manufactured into the latest of turf technology.

I love the rubber infill feature, what a great way to use old tires. I also found out that they are in the process of getting approval to install solar panels on the roof that would feed back into the cities green energy grid.

So I’m pleased to say that Player’s Paradise is an environmentally friendly building that does recycle and  I wish them luck with their solar panel application.


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