BP Oil Spill – Putting Things in Perspective

I have just watched a You Tube video called The Conundrum, about what happens when we decide to become “green” and the problems that go along with it.

I was fascinated at the part about the BP Oil spill, while most of us were outraged by the amount of oil that was spilled into the water, and rightly so, this video puts things in perspective.

Did you know that the BP Oil spill was spewing the equivalent of 55,000 barrels of oil per day into the Gulf of Mexico, awful, isn’t it? Did you know that Americans use that much oil in 4 minutes.

During the 87 Days that the leak was active the equivalent of 5 million barrels of oil was released into the water. The world uses that much in 1.5 hours. Truly shocking!

The world uses the equivalent of 1400 BP Oil spills EVERYDAY. I’m sure while this oil was spilling, the folks at BP wanted to shout this from the rooftops.

We really need to find a way to curb our dependence on fossil fuels. We have all of the technology we need, we just need to start using it.

This reminds me of the fight that the residents of Mississauga and Oakville just had with the Ontario Power Authority about building a new power plant in Mississauga. There were a lot of people who opposed that power plant, I did for a while but then got a little disillusioned. Nobody wants that power plant in their neighbourhood, that’s a given, but never once did I hear discussion about how we can reduce our  energy consumption so we won’t need all these power plants. The area around that power plan is saturated with monster homes, being a realtor I see a lot of the homes in the area and I rarely ever see homes, old or new, that have sustainable options. The obvious thing to do would be to incorporate some of these things when you are building but I rarely see that. Now maybe there are some and perhaps those aren’t the ones going for sale because they are energy-efficient. I really hope that is the case.

At one rally, I saw numerous people showing up in Yukons and other huge vehicles, that’s when I stopped participating. Everybody wants the power but nobody wants the plant.

It’s the same with the oil spill, we are all disgusted by it, yet we don’t cut down on our own oil consumption.

Click on the link to watch the video, I promise it will get you thinking.

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    Cindy McDonald said,

    WOW!!! Amazing stuff!!

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    […] BP Oil Spill – Putting Things in Perspective (365daysoflivinggreen.wordpress.com) […]

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    […] BP Oil Spill – Putting Things in Perspective (365daysoflivinggreen.wordpress.com) […]

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