Do You Know Anyone Who Has Solar or Geothermal?

I would really like to talk to people who have made any alternative energy renovations to their homes. Have you, or do you know anyone who has done any of the following:

I have talked to a few people who have tankless water heater’s and none of them were disappointed with them but I would really like to meet people who have done some of the other initiatives like solar or geothermal to get an idea of what they like or dislike about the systems.

If you do know of anyone put them in touch with me, I would love to chat with them.

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    I don’t know anyone who has any of these for their home. There was a guy downtown who had a small hotel that he transformed to geothermal. I will try to find out his contact info.

    The solar panels are a great idea but I don’t like the way they look on the roof. I don’t want my neighbors to have to look at it either. I know this seems shallow minded in these eco aware times to be concerned over esthetics. But I haven’t been able to get over the visual of those panels. Also, I have to think that it would be a very expensive undertaking but I don’t know that for a fact. I am very interested in hearing your findings on the costs of these innovative technologies and the type of products now available. It would be so neat if they could put the solar collectors in the actual roof shingles? Perhaps they are working on that? Keep us updated.

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      I’m sure the esthetics holds back a lot of people, but I’m sure new technology is being developed all the time. I have read about products, on a much smaller scale mind you, that have little solar panels built in to them so I think it’s only a matter of time before we see shingles that have little solar panels built in to them. I’m convinced the technology is out there, it’s the will to develop it, or should I say, the return on investment, that isn’t out there.

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