Look How Far We Have Come

Remember years ago when we first started recycling?  It was hard to remember what you could recycle and what you couldn’t.  You also had to remember to put it in the recycle box instead of throwing it in the garbage by mistake plus you had to get everyone in the family on side.  We  had the blue and grey boxes at first, only paper in the grey box and you had to separate everything. It seemed like such a chore, funny how those things become second nature, isn’t it.

I know, we don’t have to separate anything any more but most people wouldn’t think of putting something they can recycle into the garbage. Plus we now have the composting bins that adds to what we do with our waste.

When the municipalities started to limit the amount of garbage we could throw away there was a big uproar, how were we supposed to live with all the rotting, stinking garbage we had to hold on to because we had reached our limits? I used to look forward to ‘unlimited’ garbage days so I could do extra cleaning and get rid of stuff I didn’t need.

I don’t think I cold produce two bags of garbage in one week now if I tried. This is the typical amount of garbage that we produce in one week. It always surprises me how little waste we have. How much more can I reduce this I wonder. Time to start paying attention to what is being thrown in the garbage and reduce it.

Our kids won’t remember a time when we didn’t recycle. I’m sure some would be surprised to see how much we used to throw away. It will be a good day when they also can’t remember a time when we didn’t use renewable energy, hopefully one day people will be surprised to learn that we used to rely on fossil fuels.

Development and Peace’s 2011-2016 campaign is rooted in six principles. The fourth principal is “New models of development are needed, those which prioritize the needs of the world’s poor while respecting the ecological health of the Earth. These new models require those of us living in the wealthy countries to change our lifestyles and our attitudes toward growth, and to reduce our disproportionate consumption of the world’s resources”

This statement is so very true, North America has become such a throw away society, other countries would be shocked to see the type of stuff that we dispose of.   Time to rethink our habits.


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